Tiếng Anh Dành Cho Lễ Tân

Tiếng Anh Dành Cho Lễ Tân

Tiếng Anh Dành Cho Nhân Viên Lễ Tân – English for Receptionist – Tiếng Anh Du Lịch Và Chăm Sóc Khách Hàng

1/ Check in khách vào phòng – Checking – in

Hotel Vietlesson: Good afternoon. Welcome to Vietlesson Hotel. How may I help you?


Tieng Anh Danh cho le tan

Customer: I have a reservation for today. It is under the name of  Sam Potter.

Hotel Vietlesson: Can you please spell that for me, sir?

Customer:  Sure, S-A-M-P-O-T-TER

Hotel Vietlesson: Yes, Mr Sam Potter, we have reserved a single room for you with a view of the ocean for three nights, is that correct?

Customer: Yes, it is.

Hotel Vietlesson: Excellent. May I have your passport for check in please? 

Customer:  Sure

Hotel Vietlesson: It cost 30 USD for per night, including a free breakfast. Breakfast will serve in the dinning room, from 6:30 to 10 am.

Customer: Ok, so what room am I in?

 Hotel Vietlesson: Your room will be  601. This is your room key, this also access to your breakfast, the gym and spa on the 6th floor. To get to your room, take the elevator on the right up to the sixth floor. Turn left once you exit the elevator and your room will be on the left hand side. A bell boy will bring your bags shortly.

Customer:  Great, thanks. and What time is check-out?
Hotel Vietlesson: at midday, sir.

Customer:  Thanks.

Hotel Vietlesson: Enjoy, your stay.

2. Trả phòng đi sân bay – Check-out/ getting to the airport

Hotel Vietlesson: Did you enjoy your stay with us?

Customer: Yes, i did enjoy every much. However, i now need to get to the airport. I have flight that leaves in about two hours, so what is the best way to get there?

Hotel Vietlesson: We have fixed price taxi service to the airport for 20 USD. It can pick you up here whenever you need to leave.

Customer: That sounds great, but it will get me to the airport on time?

Hotel Vietlesson: Yes, it should. Can i ask what time is your flight?

Customer: Sure. Can i book it now please?

Hotel Vietlesson: How would you like to pay for that, sir?

Customer: I will pay with my master card, but i will need a receipt so i can charge it to my company

Hotel Vietlesson: Absolutely.

Customer: Thanks so much.

Hotel Vietlesson: Thank you again for staying at our hotel.



Tiếng Anh Du Lịch và Chăm sóc khách hàng


Vietlesson rất vui vì bạn đã đọc đến đây, để được tư vấn cụ thể về khóa học, bạn hãy điền đầy đủ thông tin và bấm "Đăng ký", Vietlesson sẽ chủ động liên hệ để tư vấn.

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